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Expense Tracker

Can add, update, and remove items as well as distinguish between income and expense based on selector. Also contains a Sankey chart to visualise data.

Technologies used:

Django, JavaScript, Rest API, Google Charts, Bootstrap

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Optimal Time to Post on Reddit

This tool checks when the best time to post is on the subreddit of your choice. It does so by grabbing the top 500 posts of all time in that sub, checking when and at what time they were posted, and then tallying it. The idea being that, part of the reason the "top posts" were at the top in the first place is due to when they were posted, and while there are limitations to this idea it should give a good indication as to when to post to get the most interaction with that Subs community.

Technologies used:

Django, JavaScript, Rest API, Zing Charts, Bootstrap

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Mini URL Creator

This is a URL Shortener. Input a long URL, it gets stored in the database, a random string is then generated and added to the end of the portfolio site URL. When entering that URL it will direct you to the portfolio site first, find the associated site, then redirect.

Technologies used:

Django, Bootstrap

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To-Do List

This app is a basic to-do list. It uses AJAX ensuring the entire page doesn't have to refresh. Also uses Django REST framework.

Technologies used:

Django, JavaScript, Rest API, Boostrap

About Me

I am a software developer that enjoys exploring multiple methods to resolve an issue and find the best solution. I am not your average software developer as I am self-taught, and therefore have the advantage of taking an unorthodox approach to problem solving. While working full time, I have developed skills in Python, JavaScript, and AWS using a variety of sources during my free time. Some of the work that I have done is: front and back end web development, sentiment analysis, SQL and non SQL database implementation, and data mining. Over the last year I have completed 4 projects which are displayed on my portfolio.


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